23 Terrific Tweets

Continuing on with the gold you can find in them there Twitter Tweets, like my previous articles 21 Terrific Tweets and 22 Terrific Tweets hare are 23 more nuggets for you:

1. – del.icio.us is now delicious.com.  We can all stop suffering from typing del.icio.us.  Although clever, it wasn’t fun to type if you didn’t have the site bookmarked.  More importantly they’ve redesigned their site and wrote about the details which include speed, search and design.  And this is a good time to grab the Firefox Delicious Bookmarks add-on. To make it easy for you to share those bookmarks.  Check the delicious tools page for more tools.

2. – Ed Dale started his freely available 30 Day Challenge course – The first lesson started this week.  Some of the good stuff you’ll be doing and learning how to do include finding 5-10 niches to create an online business in.  There are rock solid videos and tasks to get you going in this first lesson.  Highly recommended for beginners and for those of us who need a good swift kick.

3. – Drop.io works with Twitter now – tweet.io.  What does that mean to you?  Well, you can upload a file to drop.io and your twitter will be tweeted.

4. – Ok, this wasn’t so much a tweet but a reminder to check out The Beginner’s Guide to Zen Habits – A Guided Tour.  For folks just starting a blog or need a reminder of some great content and how to write it, this list contains quite a few examples.  Like I’ve suggested before, try to take one of the lists and place content in it that reflects your niche.  This is one way of practicing list-type blog posts.

5. – Ok, this too wasn’t so much a tweet but a reminder to check out How to Write Magnetic Headlines.  Again, for folks just starting a blog or need a reminder of some great content and how to write it, this list contains quite a few examples.  Again, try to place content that reflects your niche in the articles.

6. – Continuing on the blogging side of things, Chris Garrett reminds us of his Killer Flagship Content ebook which is also a great read and re-read along with his latest article Using Flagship Content to Make Sales.

7. – And continuing on again with the blogging tips.  Don’t forget to use HitTail to track your blog and some of The Long Tail suggestions you can use to write for your blog or extend existing blog posts.  Let me know if you need help doing this in the comments.

8. – If you have a tumblr account and link it to your twitter account you’ll have an automagic archiving solution for your tweets.  Sweet!!   🙂

9. – Some very excellent premium WordPress Themes by WooThemes that will make your blog look professional.  I know, I know, you’re asking, “When are you buying one and changing your theme Bill?”  Let me tell you, I’m keepin’ my eye out on the Fresh News Theme with color schemes #1 or #2.  Pretty hot lookin’.  Snap!!

10. – A bit techie but I like this kind of stuff – Inside The Linux Boot Process by IBM

11. – This looks like a good conference to attend and it’s free – the Midwest Unconference in Chicago, Illinois, on October 17-18, 2008.

12. – Social Media Thought Leader Chris Brogan interviewed by Jim Canterucci.

13. – How to Install KDE 4.1 on Ubuntu 8.04 by Marius Nester at Softpedia

14. – Put Twitter in your Firefox sidebar with this add-on – TwitKit

15. – Microsoft offers Overview Series: Windows Vista Performance and Tuning –  Improve Performance Quickly and easily.

16. – Darren Rowse on Monetization, Community, and ProBlogging at Performancing.com

17. – I’ve had trouble with PNGs in IE6 and I found this by accident or a tweet that is – Fix PNGs in IE6 by Unit Interactive

18. – Considering using WordPress for a CMS?  CMS stands for Content Management System.  Check this article out by Devlounge – Things To Consider When Using WordPress as a CMS.  Don’t forget about the gold in the comments.  They’re just as good as the article.

19. – Questioning Bookmarking at mathewingram.com – Delicious 2.0: Who bookmarks any more?

20. – Firebug is a great add-on for Firefox but what if you need it for Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari?  Firebug Lite.

21. – The Most Powerful Female Bloggers on FriendFeed by Profy.com

22. – A Twitter Brand Index by Fluent Simplicity

23. – Keep It Simple Stupid; 48 Super Simple, Clean Websites by Inspiredology

Creative Commons License photo credit: Ella’s Dad


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