22 Terrific Tweets

In my previous post 21 Terrific Tweets, I noted how you can find some good stuff in twitter. This time, here are 22 terrific twitter tweets. I’m tellin’ ya’ – There’s gold in them there tweets.

1. – Do you want to test iPhone apps or see what the iPhone has to offer? Here’s an easy way. Browse over to TestiPhone.com – iPhone Simulator

2. – Need to email, send messages via SMS and other Social Networks on a timed basis? You might want to take a look at sendible.

3. – Need to setup a customer list using AWeber – Checkout the experience shared at AWeber – 6 Painful Lesson Learned.

4. – Are you a small business who’s trying to make heads and tales of all this social media stuff? Check out The Hierarchy of Social Marketing by Duct Tape Marketing for some guidance.

5. – Blogging – Well, it’s not out yet but I believe Darren Rowse at Problogger is working on an article that talks about dates on blog posts. I’m assuming there will be some good discussion on old blog posts and when to take the dates off so when readers find your old posts, they don’t browse away from it because they automatically think it’s old information.

6. – Is Firefox crashing for you? Read Safe Mode at the Firefox Knowledge Base.

7. – How to Earn Your First Love Dollar by Steve Pavlina

8. – Catorgerized List of Social Media Sites by Traffikd (a continually updated page)

9. – WordPress users – Reader Question: Is WordPress Safe To Use? by Performancing

10. – Copyblogger leaves quotes on Twitter and this latest one is a good one – “a hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.” ~Frank Capra

11. – Productivity on steroids – The List to Beat All Lists: Top 20 Productivity Lists to Rock Your Tasks by ZenHabits

12. – Resources For Web Design

13. – And another Twitter Client – Twitch

14. – SEO discussions with Rae Hoffman, aka Sugarrae and Michael Gray, aka Graywolf started a live stream over at Ustream.tv. Sounds like they’ll be continuing the show.

15. – Get Started With JSON as well as Ruby on Rails for Beginners by Webmonkey

16. – Make and Share a Timeline with dipity

17. – Outlook vs. Gmail – The Definitive Comparison by Lifehacker

18. – From Mark Cuban’s blog – A Couple of My Rules for Startups

19. – Favtape.com – Create & share an instant mixtape of your Pandora bookmarked songs or Last.fm loved tracks.  Um, this one seems hot to me.  If you use Pandora or Last.fm to listen to music, start bookmarking your songs you listen to.  With Favtape.com you can listen to your bookmarked songs forward and backward.  For example, you can’t just keep skipping forward in Pandora, you have to listed to some of the music you select.  You also can’t rewind.  Well, Favtape.com pretty much let’s you do whatever you want with your bookmarked music list.  Nice!!   🙂

20. – Blog Pimping or: Who Do You Want to Delight? by 43 Folders

21. – 45 Excellent Free Web Templates listed at DzineBlog

22. – The Friendfeedization Of Facebook by TechCrunch

I’d be interested in hearing about your links

What links have helped you in the last 24 hours from Twitter?

One final note – I created this blog post in Google Docs and I will probably not do that again.  I hate the HTML that was generated as well as missing all the bolds on the numbers.  All the HTML ended up all packed together.  The permalink was originally 712 instead of 22-terrific-tweets, I know that’s probably not Google Docs job.

I wanted to experiment posting this way but might have to reconsider.  Also, on the initial publish of the post from Google Docs it did not send the title of the article, the title was empty.  So I’ll go back and check out some of the options in Google Docs to see if I missed anything.

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