21 Terrific Tweets

There’s Gold In Them There Tweets!!

TwitterHere are twenty-one tweets in twelve hours from some terrific twitterers. 🙂 These are links to good stuff from some of the twitterers I follow. I picked out some tweets that provided good information during a 12 hour time period. I hope you enjoy!!

1 – tweetshots
Turns your Tweet into an embeddable screenshot. Don’t know why I’d need this but hey, maybe it will come in useful someday.

2 – Livetweets
Livetweets allows you to tweet an event. It allows folks to follow that event by RSS as well.

3 – Hashtags.org
“Realtime Tracking of Twitter Hashtags” – Use special characters in your tweets to provide “groupings” of tweets. You could use this for an event, like a conference. Everyone who uses Twitter and tweets about #myconf for example, will be able to follow all those tweets on Hashtags.org.

4 – Best Social Media From This Site – A blog post on some of Chris Brogan’s articles listed under these categories:

  • Community Development
  • Social Networks
  • Social Media
  • Twitter
  • Personal Branding
  • Making Media

5 – Free Accounting Software – Gnu Cash

6 – Google For Non-Profits
“You are changing the world. We want to help.” Learn how to use free Google tools to promote your work, raise money, and operate more efficiently.

7 – Digg – Town Hall Meeting #2
A video of the Digg guys talking about – Digg. More importantly the meeting was held on SocialBlade – “Your Social Web Site Tool Kit” and Social News Center – “A Community Gathering Place for Lovers of ALL social news sites”. Streaming video provided by ustream.tv.

8 – Paying for WordPress – Thought provoking

9 – Blip – What are you listening to?
The music equivalent to Twitter

10 – Brand new Google Reader for iPhone

11 – Make the scrapers work for you!

12 – Google brings Friend Connect to the masses

13 – How to Increase Engagement and Authority With Quotations

14 – Increase Conversation on Your WordPress Blog With These Two Free Firefox Tools

15 – Ten Ways to Write a Digg-worthy “Top Ten…” post

16 – BookJetty – Manage and share your reading lists with others

17 – ReadBurner – what’s shared on Google Reader

18 – RSSmeme – Most Popular Stories From The Last 24 Hours

19 – Marketing on a Startup Budget: 101 Free Offers and Coupons to Advertise Your New Site

20 – HelloTxt – is an aggregate of microblogging services through which the user can insert their messages on all main microblogging services in a simply and simultaneous way. Very Cool!!

21 – TweetWire


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