24 Terrific Tweets

Gold Above and Below

This is a continuation of my weekly Terrific Tweets from Twitter – 22 Terrific Tweets and 23 Terrific Tweets lists.  Here are 24 Terrific Tweets from just an inkling of the Twitter community.  There’s gold in them there tweets.

1. – The first week of Ed Dale’s The 30 Day Challenge has been completed and there continues to be a bunch of great stuff to learn.  I’m way behind and if you are too or you’re just liking to get started you can catch up at The 30 Day Challenge.

So far in the course we’ve learned how to identify 2-3 niche markets that we’re interested in and do some market keyword research using a tool called Market Samurai which is very cool and addictive once you start using it.

You need to watch the vids on how to use it and apply your keywords to help find what kind of online stats are happening with those keywords.  That’s just a tidbit of The 30 Day Challenge, there’s quite a bit to check out.

2. – On the fun side of things check out Wordle.  Here’s the FAQ that also helps you understand what folks are doing with Wordle.

“Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create with Wordle are yours to use however you like. You can print them out, or save them to the Wordle gallery to share with your friends.”

3. – Email marketing series at Chris Garrett’s blog – Email Marketing Tips: What is Email Marketing?, Email Marketing Tips: List Building, Email Marketing Tips: Getting More Email Subscribers, Email Marketing Tips: Email Tracking, and Email Marketing Tips: Email Testing.

4. – 23 Beautiful Examples of Web Site Archives by SitePoint

5. – Lighthouse – beautifully simple issue tracking

“Whether you’re an army of one or a team of 50, Lighthouse’s simple interface let’s you get down to business on your projects.”

When I test out new issue tracking software I sometimes use my family members as projects with issues.   😉

6. – PSD2HTML – Send them your PSD and they’ll turn it into HTML and more.

7. – Free Market Research Government Research for Business by AllBusiness

8. – The Secrets of Facebook Marketing by Jim Kukral with Shama Hyder – Top 10 Ways to Use Facebook to Promote your Business for Free by Shama Hyder

9. – 15 Abilities You Must Have to Get Out of the Rat Race by Sparkplug CEO

10. – More fun with Twitter – Twitter StreamGraphs

11. – Cascading Style Sheets by Web Design Group

12. – Don’t feel alone if your Twitter account gets deleted by GetSatisfaction

13. – Keep Track of Your Favorite Blogs in Gmail by ReadWriteWeb

14. – Gmail Tip: How To Browse Only the Unread Messages by DailyBlogTips

15. – Real Time, Live Twitter Monitor by Monitter

16. – ToAnswer – Get your questions answered in 140 characters or less

“About anything at all? ToAnswer is a Twitter-based mini-application that will help you get your questions answered quickly.”

17. – New book coming out – Planet Google: One Company’s Audacious Plan To Organize Everything We Know at Amazon

18. – 15 Blogs All Bloggers Should Read by Ultimate Blogging Experiment

19. – How To Use EzineArticles And Not Get Penalized For Duplicate Content? by Gary Conn

20. – Make WordPress Search Function Suck Less by Yoast

21. – I love this website.  The videos and all of it, especially the design!!  CSS Tricks

22. – youare.com

“YouAre is a free social networking site to share in real time what you are doing, your interests and your professional profile with friends, colleagues — and anyone you want to connect with. A faster way to show your true self.”

23. – feedly – A more social and magazine-like start page

24. – Socialthing!

“See everything that’s going on with your friends in all the sites you use, easily figure out where you’re missing connections with your friends, interact with multiple sites at once, and more!

Socialthing! makes it easy to see all the things your friends are doing. It’s a news feed for every site that you use in one place.

It’s a place to see “what’s up” in your digital life, and figure out where to go to from there…

photo credit: Paul Davidson


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