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Yaro Starak’s Blog Mastermind is a course I took last year (2007) on blogging.  I had just started a blog and was trying to help my wife start one as well.  There were so many questions I had from reading other blogs that I knew I needed some direction as we discovered this thing called blogging.

I had heard you could get more people to check out your blog than a static website and I witnessed that first hand with my wife’s static website.  When my wife first started her website it was getting about three visitors a day and when she first started a blog she was getting thirty visitors a day and we didn’t know anything about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  So I knew something was up with blogging and getting more eyes to your site.

Anyway, I don’t recall where I ran into Yaro’s website, probably through a Google search since I’m sure he ranks pretty high for blogging.  But I do remember running into his freely available pdf called Blog Profits Blueprint.  The pdf is a great foundation for blogging and I highly recommend it.  It is a blogging resource that you will refer to over and over.

Here are 3 resources to convince you to take Yaro’s course:

  1. Conversion Blogging
  2. Interview with Alborz Fallah – Million Dollar Blogger
  3. How Yaro’s Blog Makes Money

The course costs $97.00/month for the 6 month course or $497.00 for the whole course and you save $85.00.  BAM!!


I’m giving away 3 iPod Shuffles to 3 Blog Mastermind students who sign up through this blog post at the $97/month level.  I’m giving away 1 iPod Nano to someone who signs up for the whole course at the $497.00 one-time payment level.  If you order by clicking this link or any other Blog Mastermind link in this post and you’ll be in the running to win one of these iPods, your choice of color, of course.

Note: If I get more than 3 people who sign up at the $497.00 level, I will start giving away more iPod Nanos to those people.  Probably one for every two that sign up.

So sign up for Yaro’s blogging course NOW and WIN an iPod!!

Also, whether you take the course or not, please subscribe to my blog via email or RSS Reader so you’ll be notified of other contests in the future where you’ll be able to win good stuff.


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