Six Reasons Why You’ll Love the WordPress Editorial Calendar Plug-In

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Organizing your blog post in advance is really a thing that most bloggers struggle with. Even I struggled a lot when I was new to the world of blogging.

Somehow, I felt I haven’t come across the perfect way of planning and scheduling blog posts.

There was no solution to this problem until WordPress came up with the WordPress Editorial Calendar plug-in.

I don’t know about other folks but I find it perfect for scheduling my blog posts. That’s why I’d like to share with you the features of this plug-in that I’ve come to love.

Let’s take a look at six reasons why every blog writer will love the WordPress Editorial Calendar Plug-In:

Planning Your Blog Posts Is Easier Now

With the editorial calendar you can not only view blog posts up to five weeks but also schedule any number of posts by clicking the month in the calendar. So you can have a record of the scheduled blog posts and also those that are saved and need to be finalized.

The Whole Calendar Can Be Viewed On One Screen

Instead of browsing through all the draft posts, the Editorial Calendar Plug-in helps you to view them on one single page. It is advantageous to those who have lots of blog posts lined up.

Rescheduling Blog Posts Have Also Become Easy

This WordPress plug-in is drag and drop. So if you have scheduled a blog for a day (say Tuesday the 21st) you can drag it to reschedule it for some other day (Tuesday the 28th).

Structure Your Blog Content

When you can view all the scheduled blog posts at a glance it becomes easy for you to find out whether you have missed out a specific topic or not. In the Editorial Calendar you will also have an option for quick edit as well as to change titles of blog posts, content and even publishing time if required.

Be More Creative With Editorial Calendar Plug-In

Organizing your blog posts, so far have taken quite a lot of your precious time. The Editorial Calendar saves your time that would have gone into scheduling or rescheduling your blog posts. So you can be more creative and devote more time in what you are best at, writing content.

The Visits to Your Blog Increases

Fresh and time-sensitive content keeps the readers engaged in your blog. The number of visitors increases as readers seek for timely posts. Even the search engines respond to regular and frequent posts and send more searches on your way.

Drawbacks of Editorial Calendar Plug-In

The Editorial Calendar Plug-In comes with a few limitations, though not many. One of the most annoying that I find is that the draft posts that have been created before the plug-in was installed don’t appear automatically in the editorial calendar. So once you have installed the plug-in it is best to use it for creating the draft posts.

Have you used the WordPress Editorial Calendar Plug-In? Let’s us know what you think about it in the comments below.

About the Author: Emma Hamilton is a freelance content writer and she writes articles and blogs on Time Warner Cable and others Web technologies.


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