10 Android Apps You’ll Find Useful and Entertaining

Continuing on from part one of my favorite Android Mobile Apps here are 10 more apps on my Droid X that I hope you find useful and entertaining.

1. Spread The News – I’ve become fascinated with Pulse.me because I can tailor it to the news I want to read and easily share.  Pulse.me streams news from some standard sources as well as allowing you to customize and add your own sources of news.  While reviewing news, stories, pictures and videos, three little icons hover over them that allows you to “Star” a story, share on Facebook or share on twitter.  When you press the star, you’ll be able to review those items on a web page at Pulse.me.

2. Schedule Your Shared Stuff – I use Hootsuite to schedule some of the stuff I share online.  Couple this together with Pulse.me and you’ve got a pretty powerful news and resource sharing device.  Anytime you want to retweet something or share something on Facebook, having Hootsuite on your mobile device allows you to schedule the stuff you want to share at the times you want to share it.

3. Google+ – Google+ is out and with it came an app you can find in the Android Market or have a link texted to your phone when you join Google+.  On the app dashboard you’ll find icons that you can touch to go to your stream, photos, your circles, create a huddle and view your profile.  There’s a handy Notifications area at the bottom of the dashboard so you can gain quick access to anything new that’s come in to your Google+ stream.  You might have to sign up for an invite if you don’t already have one.

4. Organize EverythingCatch is an app that allows you to capture everything that’s important to you like notes, photos, lists, web pages, and organize it all.  Another app for organizing a bunch of stuff is Evernote.  It too has the capability to capture many different things and organize them for you.  These types of programs are called personal digital assistants and allow you to send stuff to them by email as well as tweets using twitter.

5. Let’s Have Some Fun – Have you heard of FatBoothFatBooth does one thing really well and that is to allow you to take photos of people and make their faces, well, fat.  It’s just pure fun and in the hands of teenager (or an adult teenager) at a family gathering, things can get pretty fun and funny.

6. Share Videos – Want to share video with your friends instantly?  SocialCam allows you to do just that.  With a clean and minimal interface you can take video of the events in your life and share immediately on Facebook or other social media sites like twitter.  You can even tag friends who are in a video you’ve taken.  Very easy to use.

7. Oh Dang, The Power’s Out!! – What do ya’ do when the power in your house goes out?  Well, after you’ve run around and found out everyone else in the neighborhood is affected too, fire up your Android device and check out what the local radio stations are saying using TuneIn Radio Pro.  This app will help your find out why it’s happening, who’s affected and how the weather might have affected the power outage.

8. Stumble The Web – Have you ever used StumbleUpon?  It’s channel surfing for the web.  It’s been around a long time and bloggers and website owners love it because it can bring tons of eyeballs to your site.  Anyway, the same concept applies to the mobile version of StumbleUpon, you stumble upon websites and blogs around the web.  You can even filter sites down to specific categories as well as what your friends on StumbleUpon are recommending.  Tip: If you stumble upon a website or blog where the print is too small, use ReadItLater to get it beautifully formatted and read using ReadItLater.

9. Do It TomorrowDo It Tomorrow is a smart phone app you can use to keep your to do list and  anything else you’d like to list on a daily basis.  It provides a nice and clean interface to keep track of your lists.  You can easily swipe a task for today over to tomorrow.  Editing your list allows you to mark items complete or delete them.

10. One More Music App – I’m checking out Spotify on my Droid X.  Iz pretty cool.  Just another music app but it gathers your music from the spotify website after youi’ve created an account and downloaded the program to your desktop computer.  It works kind of like iTunes but with less restrictions and the synch feature works a heck of a lot smother.  At leaset that what I’m experiencing.  You’ll need an invite first so head over to Spotify and enter your email address.

I would love to hear what you’re using on your mobile device.  Let us know in the comments.


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