The Spinning Donut Guest Post Guidelines

UPDATE (2012/2013): I am managing guest posts through PostRunner, please visit and sign-up at PostRunner to submit guest posts for The Spinning Donut. In addition, read the guidelines below to help you submit the best guest post possible.

I receive emails from people who want to know if I accept guest posts on, and if I do, what are the guidelines.

YES, I do accept guest posts. Below you will find all the details about the process.

What Kind of Content Do I Accept?

Anything that is useful for our readers is good content for a guest post here.

Look at the categories I write about on this blog and you should be able to get the feel for what content I would accept.

There is a minimum length of 600 words for your post. I like articles to hover around 700-1,000 words (not including the author bio) because it allows you to get into the meat of what you are trying to get across to our readers.

If you write an “Ultimate Guide” type article, feel free to reach into the thousands of words, with pictures, etc. If you are interested in making money writing, please use the contact form and I will send you the details.

General Guidelines

Your post must be original and must have never been published before on the Internet.

You agree to not publish the post anywhere else (i.e., in your own blog or as a guest post in other blogs).

You can include ONE link in the byline, which will be displayed at the bottom of the post. No affiliate links though. A link to a legitimate website please. You can also include a link to one social network (like twitter or Google+) you have a profile on that includes your name.

If you are adamant about having two links in the byline, I will consider the two links if you send the links prior to, or with the article.

Save yourself and me a bunch of time by reading these guidelines before submitting anything for consideration on The Spinning Donut website.

I need a real person’s name for the author and not a company name. However, you can include your company name in the byline. Here’s an example:

About the Author: Tommy Tester is the author and works at Some Cool Company (Some Cool Company would have a link to their web page) where he provides cool stuff for his customers who will also be cool too.

Formatting Guidelines

Please format your guest post as an HTML document, so that I can copy and paste it into the WordPress HTML editor.

Use H3 tags for sub-headings.

Make sure to include the author byline at the bottom, with the link to your website already formatted (do not spam keywords there).

Submission Guidelines

If you have a post that meets the guidelines above, you can send it to me in an email to Please include the post in the body of the email itself, or as an attachment.

I check and respond to all guest post submissions. I don’t respond right away to your submission. In fact it could take up to a week to hear from me.

If your post is rejected you should get an answer from me explaining the reason.

A note on quality: Please don’t submit rubbish, hoping to gain a backlink to your site and that’s all. If you’re ONLY trying to gain a backlink then don’t consider guest blogging here at this site. Guest blogging is much more than just a backlink. It represents your reputation as well as your company’s reputation.

Tips to make it work: Send the best content you can. This blog is written in English. If English is not your native language then consider having someone proof-read your content before sending.

Again, if gaining a backlink is the most important thing to you for guest blogging then don’t guest blog here at The Spinning Donut.

Internal Links and Affiliate Links

Where applicable, I might include internal links in the guest blog post that point to blog posts on my blog. I also might include affiliate links in the guest blog post using my affiliate id where applicable.