Google Reader and Google Alerts

Google Reader – Staying Up To Date

Want to stay up to date on something that is news-worthy andoly important to you?  Did you know you can use Google Reader to stay up on particular topics and not just blogs?  All you need to do is look for that RSS icon or something similar to it that provides an RSS feed to that information you’re interested in.

So for example, fire up Firefox 3 or your favorite browser – Internet Explorer 7, Flock, Opera, etc.  You just need to make sure you can get that RSS feed icon in the address bar.  Install the Google Toolbar as well.  This will allow you to see the RSS icon in your address bar.

In Google, search on a topic you want to track.  Let’s use Olympics for this example.  I’ll search on Olympics and after I get the results page I’ll click on the News link.  Now, you should see the RSS icon in the address bar.


After clicking on News link.


If you don’t see an RSS icon anywhere on the page, try to copy and paste the URL into a new RSS subscription box in Google Reader and see if it finds a feed.

Now, every time there’s news about anything with Olympics in it, you’re Google Reader will be the first one to find out.  Which means you’ll also see the information before anyone else.  Okay, I’m stretching it a bit.  By the way, you can also do this with the Blogs link.

Google Alerts – Staying Up To Date

Don’t want to use Google Reader for up-to-date news?  How about using Google Alerts to receive up-to-date news in your inbox?  After you’ve searched on “Olympics” and clicking on the News link, look at the bottom of the first search results page.  You should see something like this.


Now if you click on this link you’ll add it to your Google Alerts and you’ll receive an email when news breaks about the Olympics.

I don’t use Google Alerts a whole lot because I don’t want too much more email in my inbox.  It’s crowded all ready.  But it is a cool service for a few important things I want to keep up on since email is one of the first things I check everyday.


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