Android Apps That Will Get You On The Road To Becoming A Mobile Expert

I’ve been using the Motorola Droid X phone for a few months now. It’s powered by Google’s Android Operating System. Like the Apple iPhone, the Android app market is huge, providing every kind of app you would want, some free and some paid. But for now, here are just a few apps that are on my Droid X and I use them often.

1. Amazon Appstore for Android – I check the Amazon Appstore for Android daily because they are giving away one paid app a day free. Although I’m not one to download every single app and try it, I have downloaded some that I’ve found very useful, ezPDF Reader being one of them.

2. Android Security – Being a proper computing person, you have to think about security first.  With some horror stories in tow about folks downloading mobile apps and getting hacked, one of the first settings to check on your Android device is to only download stuff from trusted or known sources.  Go to Settings->Applications and make sure “Unkown sources” is unchecked, this should be unchecked by default.

If you run into an app you really want to download and it’s from an untrusted source, do some investigation first and find out as much as you can about it before installing.  Running one of the apps in #3 (below) will also help scan the apps that you download.

However, it’s easy to get a false sense of security, just remember that a security scanning program might not pick of every new virus or threat to your mobile device.

3. Watch Out for Those Viruses – You might not think of your mobile device as a computer but it is, make sure you put a virus checker on their.  A couple free ones are Lookout Mobile Security and Anti-Virus Free by AVG Mobilation.  Both products also have paid versions that give you more features.

4. Let There Be Music – Everyone’s got to have their music and I use doubleTwist and doubleTwist AirSync on the Droid X.  You can pull your music in from iTunes when you’re connected to your computer or do it wirelessly with AirSync.  doubleTwist will also recognize music you download from the Amazon Cloud Player and other music sources.  Pandora is also a must-have on your Droid.

5. Bookmarking Your Favorite Articles – I love Read it LaterRead it Later can be used to quickly bookmark articles while you skim the web.  At a later time or right away, you can read your articles on your mobile device using Read it Later, which its sole purpose is to present incredibly easy to read and great looking text.  There’s a free version and pro (paid) version.

6. Books, Books and more Books – I used to love going to the bookstore and getting a new book to read at the store or buy and take home, but, I haven’t done that for a while, you?  So, I get most of what I need from Amazon and read it on my Droid X with Kindle software.  Also, if you don’t want to read books, just listen to them, browse over to and make sure you install this app so you can download and listen to your favorite books.

7. Web Browsers – You can use the internal browser that comes with your Droid X and you can also install Firefox for Android as well as Opera for Android.  I like to keep up with all of them to check out their features and what folks are doing with mobile web browsers.  Oh yea, if you browse to a web site where the text is super small, just share it out to Read it Later and it will be available immediately for better viewing in your Read it Later app discussed in #5 above.

8.  Just Plain Fun Apps – Okay, here’s a couple easy ones that I use that are incredibly functional.  First up is the Droidlight, an app that turns your camera’s flash into a flashlight.  Great for walking around the house in the middle of the night looking for stuff and not waking everyone up.  Or during a storm and the electricity goes out.  Another fun one is the Bubble Level.  If you work with leveling shelves or anything else that needs leveling, this is the app.

9. File Sharing Between All Your Computers – If you haven’t heard of it yet, Dropbox is a great way to store files out in the Cloud.  You can get free space at Dropbox to do this and much more space if you pay for it.  It’s a great way to keep your PDFs and other files available all the time between multiple devices.

10. Your Social Life – Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter or both, you’ll have many apps to choose from, but for me, right now, I use the Facebook app that comes with a Droid X as well as twitter apps Seesmic, TweetDeck, and most recently Twidroyd Pro.  They all have a bit different features that help you communicate with your friends and fans online.

That’s it for now but I’ll be listing more apps in future articles so make sure you subscribe for free and you won’t miss a beat.

Whether it’s an iPhone, an Android powered phone, or any other phone or mobile device, what’s on your device that you use constantly or can’t live without?  Let everyone know in the comments.


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