5 Tools You Must Have to Take Care of Mom’s Computer

Today is Thanksgiving 2009 and some folks celebrate at mom’s house.  Many people support their parents or siblings computers and today is a day to take the time and update, enhance and in general make YOUR life easier when you have to provide support.

So here are 5 things you can do to provide quick and easy support to your loved ones and hopefully they’ll be extra thankful today for your generosity.   🙂

1. Firefox

If you haven’t already installed Firefox on their computer, do so.  In general, it’s a bit quicker, a bit more secure and renders web pages in a more standard way.  Plus, most likely your family member’s computer is an older one.  Firefox can load quicker than most browsers on older computers.  Make sure you provide shortcuts to their top 3 or more favorite sites on the desktop.

2. Virus Update

If their computer already has virus protection, make sure it’s up to date.  If they don’t have virus protection and its a Windows computer, download and install the freely available Microsoft Security Essentials.  Make sure you set it up to do a daily Quick Scan.  You can do the scan when your family member sleeps and then…

3. Automatically Shutdown Their PC

You can pick between any of my articles on How To Shut Down Your Windows XP Computer, or How To Automatically Shut Down Your Windows Vista Computer, or How To Automatically Shut Down Your Windows 7 Computer .

Now, depending on what Anti-Virus software you’re running, that software might include an automatic shut down as well, after a virus scan.  So go for a scan when they’re sleeping and then auto-shutdown the computer.  A computer that’s turned off is a safer computer.

4. Remote Control Software

Don’t ya’ just love those late night calls or in some cases every night calls?  Ease the pain by installing remote control software on your relative’s computer.

I prefer LogMeIn Free.  But, I’ve also used CopilotCopilot is one of the best and quickest ways to connect to someone.  However, you only get 2minutes free.  If it’s someone you support occasionally, CoPilot also offers a Day Pass for $5.00 that gives you 24 hours of support.  The Copilot Day Pass has worked wonderfully for me.

5. Backup, Sync and Share

While working on Mom’s computer, you might need to transfer files or keep a quick backup of necessary tools, documents, etc.  For that, I use Dropbox.  With 2GB of online storage for free, Dropbox is incredibly fast and a secure way to backup, sync or share files that you might need while supporting computers.

There’s plenty more tips, tricks and techniques I will share in future articles, so make sure you subscribe.  Happy Thanksgiving!!   🙂


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